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Your Ritual Box


Rituals create time to unwind and enjoy what's most important to you.

AHLOT elevates your cannabis ritual through considered design, quality products and elegant finishings.

The result is a refined experience of beautiful form and function. Just add your favourite flower.


We're crafting a ritual box for you to enjoy.


Refining a classic routine.

The AHLOT Ritual Box comes with everything you'll need for an elevated joint rolling and cannabis experience.

・Glass storage jar
・Pre-roll vessels
・Preparation tray
・Herb grinder
・Ultra-slow burning papers
・Organic cotton filters
・Beeswax candle

We've upgraded the Ritual Box and are going to share the new images soon!

The AHLOT Ritual Box does not include flower - yet ;)

Interested in the flower? See our upcoming Subscription Service.

Designed for versatility.

Don't roll? Prefer to vaporize?
Want more storage or a custom insert?

The Ritual Box is built using a modular system so you can define your ritual to include only what you need and nothing you don't. 

We currently have 5 modules available (see above) for our rolling ritual.

Stay tuned for more!



our thesis

The cannabis industry lacks refinement. It requires A Higher Level Of Thought.

We are building the world’s most trusted cannabis brand by partnering with Licensed Producers, certified by Health Canada, to provide the best selection of high-quality, lab-tested cannabis. 

We are delivering a new, confident ritual around cannabis use to provoke a refreshed perspective of the industry. 

We refuse to operate our business in a grey area.

This is our end to prohibition.

Think AHLOT.



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Here we'll feature interviews about use and habits, entrepreneurial endeavors, legislation, and of course, rituals.