Happy April 20th


On a day that's celebrated with rallies, concerts, and festivals, we’re taking a quiet moment to celebrate some incredible industry and business milestones. 

Celebrate the proposed legislation
Last week Canada took a crucial step to becoming the first G7 nation to legalize recreational cannabis and improve access to cannabis for all responsible parties. Whether you’re new to the scene or a veteran who has paved the way, it’s undeniable that significant progress has been made. We celebrate all those that contributed (and sacrificed) to get us to this point. Progress is a process, and it’s now up to all of us to continue to exercise our voices and shape our industry's future.

Celebrate our first product
We launched our first product - the Ritual Box - in early February. We weren’t certain if you would connect with our vision of crafting beautiful cannabis experiences - but after selling out our Beta Program and at the Green Living Show - we’re thrilled to have delighted our customers and delivered a cannabis experience that you, your friends and your family can be proud of.

Celebrate the relationships
We’ve met some incredible people so far including patients, activists, advisors, investors and licensed producers. We’ve learned a ton from you all and are excited to see where these relationships go. A special thanks to Lad, Maria, John, Jason and Trevor for believing in us and supporting our vision.

*BONUS: Celebrate the flower
Whether you’re at a party, festival, or if you’re enjoying 420 comfortably, responsibly and in the quiet confidence of your Ritual Box at home, take a moment and celebrate the flower that has brought everyone together. Thank you, Ms. Jane.

Happy 420,

Greg & Joshua

Joshua DuchesneComment