Behind the scenes



crafting an elevated experience

For many in Toronto, going east of Yonge Street is done reluctantly. Crossing the DVP, unthinkable. However, deep in the east end is Protolab, a shared design and fabrication workshop, and AHLOT's adopted laboratory. This is where we've been designing, prototyping and iterating on your new cannabis ritual. This is also where Max works.


We've been working on your new Ritual Box for a limited-edition production run. This means lots of sawdust and troubleshooting to perfect your new cannabis experience. Luckily, the folks at Protolab have been very welcoming and we've enlisted the talents of a mysterious industrial designer named Gregorio. Want to lend a hand? 

tell us about your ritual


be a part of something special

Like Max, you too can be an honorary member of the AHLOT family. We will have an announcement later this week of how you can help shape the products, rituals and experiences of our cannabis community, side by side with Team AHLOT!

Check out Protolab online at or on Instagram @protolabto.